Oil (Single 2016)

by Gottwut

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released September 12, 2016

Vocals - Pavel Chaban
Guitar/Samples - Fedor Artemenkov
Bass - Vyacheslav Dmitriev
Drums - Dmitry Kahatkin

Recorded and mixed by Maxim Barynkin, Make Some Noise Studio (msnstudio.ru)
Cover Art by Tony Skeor (skeor.artstation.com)



all rights reserved


Gottwut Russia

The Moscow formation with a concise name Gottwut is a modern reinterpretation of the industrial sound canons declared in the mid-90s.

Gottwut keep a balance between the industrial metal/aggro-industrial severity and EBM temperance.
With all the ambiguity Gottwut musical material is harmonious and monolithic.
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Track Name: Oil
Oil. Gimme Oil. I need your bloody oil.
Beg you spoil, only spoil a bit my dying soil.

When I was young my father said
To carry his truth until the end
You want to live, prepare to pump
I grasped the words, believed my dad
I sucked his money, his health and pain
My girl had belly – she’s sucked in too
You give me all, I love to gain
And nothing back I pump to you

In my veins runs black blood
I pump it out if you want to fuck

You’re poor – I’m pumping out your health
You’re pretty – come and feed my lust
You’re famous – I suck you by my hands
I have a lot, but tank is vast

In my veins runs black blood
I pump it out if you want to soak it up
Oil. Gimme oil. I need your fucking oil.

Oil. Gimme oil. I need your fucking oil.
Beg you spoil. Better spoil a bit my dying soil.
Oil. Gimme oil. I need your fucking oil.
Only oil. Bloody oil can feed my dying soil.
Track Name: Cycle
Look like our lifetime flows
Here it comes, here it goes
Giving merci, awaiting thorns
Simple rule of the universe.
Heath will find it’s pain
Poison comes to cure
Don’t rely on what you’ve gained
Afterwards you lose much more
Sun turns, throwing light
Someone’s burnt for someone’s pride

Sonne, sunshine, soleil
Attracts to light
Those who don’t have wings
Are forced to hide

Put on your dirty wings
No. Better take from those who fell
Have no fear, it’s good to mix
Hope, tears, heaven, hell.
Sun is living on your face
You’re dead, alive again
Born in depths, gone in space
Hell, heaven, falling, pain.

Sonne, sunshine, soleil
You cannot hide
You have no wings
But you forced to fly

Fly. Fly away. Cry. Cry away.